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(在学中にロンドン Royal Collage of Artのパフォーマンス専攻に交換留学)






Born 1993 in Osaka, lives and works in Kyoto.

Currently works at HAPS studio.
In 2018, I completed a master's degree in sculpture at Kyoto City University of Arts.

(During my studies, I did an exchange program at the Royal Collage of Art in London, majoring in performance.)

I try to develop the power of the body in a healthy way in the space I create with the materials I choose.

Starting with the power of the muscles,

I consider the strength and weakness of the various kinds of power surrounding the body.

In the past I have used sculptural materials such as steel and Styrofoam in my performances, and I have also created performances based on movement and spatiality found in real life situations such as washing, sleeping, eating and picnics.

Now I am more interested in my body,

especially the fat, the weight of it and the curves it draws.

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