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Acceptance of Sleep


transmit program 2020


​2020  パフォーマンス(8日間)

woods, cloths, cotton, mattress, iron, carpets

transmit program 2020

Kyoto City University of Art Gallery @KCUA

  Performance (8days)  2020


Photo: Takeru Koroda


Photo: Kai Maetani


Photo: Takeru Koroda


Photo: Takeru Koroda


Photo: Kai Maetani



Photo: Takeru Koroda

アンカー 1

ビデオアーカイブ  ギャラリー@KCUA HPより

​セミダブルサイズのベッド 6つ
ふかふかの枕 10個

20メートルの布団 1本

黒い鉄の支柱 長2本 短2本







6 semi-double size beds

10 fluffy pillows

One 20-meter futon

2 long and 2 short black iron posts


About the performance by dozens of people including Miyaki.

"Ten people sleeping at the same time"

"Exhausting the body"

"Sleeping with two lovers"

"Only woman"





"Dream influence"

Each performer will move with the aim of "sleeping".

(Due to the spread of an infectious disease, the performance has been cancelled and the content changed.)


Sleeping is private, but it cannot be a private act in the sense that it falls outside of consciousness. Restful sleep is anxiety for me, and informed sleep is giving up somewhere in the process of being known.


During the exhibition (April-June 2020), a state of emergency was declared due to the spread of the new coronavirus, and the performance had to be cancelled.


I decided to sleep alone in the gallery. Every Sunday during the exhibition, I went to the gallery and think which bed I would sleep in today. A king-sized bed made by joining two beds together, or forcing two beds to be stacked on top of each other and lifted up so that they were as far away from the floor as possible, or using all ten pillows to make them rise up so that they would fit my body perfectly. I kept moving my body to sleep, and kept moving the bed, futon, and pillows to make myself sleep. And then I lost consciousness and fell asleep in the gallery while people watching me.


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